WhatsApp The Best Phone Messaging App?

SMS ruled the technology for almost a years and also people thought that this rule will not finish quickly. However, with the launch of IM applications like Viber, WhatsApp, ChatOn, WeChat as well as Skype, this SMS technology will soon meet its manufacturer.

It never suggests that we have actually found kings of chatting however a minimum of we have located much better options to SMS as well as quickly we’ll be seeing something that would change SMS technology appropriately.

Now that smartphones use is on the rise, IM applications have ended up being a necessity of users. Amongst all these, WhatsApp as well as Viber are the most preferred ones. In this short article, we will certainly compare the attributes of both the apps then conclude a champion at the end.

You might be knowledgeable about the functions of both the applications. They allow you chat making use of the Web just, they have loads of emoticons, you could establish your account on both the applications, and so on. However what are the important things that make one far better than the other. Inspect the contrast below.

The compatibility for WhatsApp 2018 begins with Nokia S40 phones, the least one apps-compatibility smart. After this its compatibility boosts to Nokia S40 Symbian, S60, and also Android/iOS/BB OS/Windows, etc

. For Viber, you have to have at least Nokia S40 Symbian. It’s compatibility starts from this and also goes to Nokia S60, as well as Android/iOS/BB. So, this indicates that Nokia S40 customers can’t mount Viber in their phones. However, Viber can be mounted in your Windows, Mac as well as is available for Bada customers too.

You must have iOS 3.4 or later to run both. For Viber, you have to have Windows Phone 8 while WhatsApp deals with both Windows Phone 7.5 as well as Windows Phone 8. You need to have Android 2.1 or later on in order to run WhatsApp. Viber’s Android compatibility begins with Android 2.0.