Bandung: City with High Investment Property Potential Observing the current condition of Bandung, as we see Serpong with the potential of its property business in the early days of its development. How come? Now who […]

Mutual Fund Profit Calculation for DP Dream Home Almost everyone wants to stay in strategic location let alone be in the middle of town. Unfortunately the limited financial ability to make the dream should be […]

The perfect dining table is one that has enough room to comfortably fit all of your diners. This can be tough for those who have frequent dinner guests. On one hand, having a large table […]

Even though garage is basically used to keep the vehicle inside the house, but it doesn’t mean that you might only need a full plain room which is enough for a single car. Modern garage […]

We might consider the inside of the house is the most important part, but we can’t avoid that the outside look will create the first impression which we will give value to the performance of […]

In making your room interior look new and fresh, you don’t really have to apply new stuff to refresh the atmosphere of your house. You can actually manage creating a new sense in your house […]

A good fundamental Stock make a PPRO Potentially Ride PT. PP Property Tbk. (PPRO) was the STATE-OWNED contractor businesses, residential development PT. (Persero) Tbk. which records its first shares in PT Indonesia stock exchange in […]

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